Monday, March 16, 2009

Shopping Shopping Shopping

Today we hit the op shops to see about winter clothes for the kids. They didn't get much and believe or not I scored the most for a change. Funny now everyone gets sorted out before the poor old mum. I got 4 t-shirts, long sleeved shirt, tracksuit pants, sneakers, socks, a new hang bag (bargain at $2.50) and some sunglasses. About time is was me - must be a carry on from my birthday yesterday.

Tomorrow I hit the scrapbooking shop to spend my birthday vouchers.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Scrap night at new store.

Last night we had the first midnight scrapping at the new store in Bridgetown. It was great. I wasn't sure how I would go because I was pretty tired but once you start sitting, scrapping, having coffee and cake, and chatting the time just flies by. I spent most of the evening doing my "100 things I love" when it is finished I will post it up.

The store has some fantastic off the page stuff I got the butterflies from there and a cupcake album looks pretty exciting too. A recipe stand is there also and I would love to do one of those so my pages can go on display before they get locked away in the albums. I have going to have to bring them out more often when family and friends come down with Perth so I can show off my work.

I don't if I will be doing it every week. Tuesday night is my night out and the shop has so other things that I would like to go to. So a better stay home and spend some time with Glen so I can go..... lol ;)