Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And the younger two

Some more pages - just to get started. One of my favourite with Christian and the many faces new pulls at 4 months. I tried to copy the seat he is sitting on and best of all these pages were done using only my supply. Very proud that I didn't have to buy anything.

Caitlin in the bed girl bed. I made piglet and pooh bear by tracing around out of a book and piecing it together.

Now you have one from all the kids. Hopefully I will be able to put one on from "my book about me "soon. I will work on my photos so you can see a better picture on my blog.

Cheers Tabatha.

Rainbows Rainbows Rainbows

This is my latest project (I finished it this morning) - Thanks Sammy for doing the photos for me. I have hunted for months to find the right paper. I finally found it at Spotlight. The little photo album are other photos of her birthday but they didn't really go with the paper but wanted to include them.

Hello to you all,

Hello Family and friends,

I have started this blog to show off all of my scrapbooking. Everyone is too have away to show in person so this is the best I can do. So keep coming back and checking my latest projects. Please comment.

As many of you know this is a passion of mine. I would love to run my own scrapbooking shop here in Bridgetown. Maybe I can make my millions that way.

Cheers to you all.