Sunday, January 18, 2009

Girls Pamper Day

The party had finally arrived. A friend of mine was having a thank you party for all of her girlfriends. Chloe had done so much work and the day was fantastic. Everyone who came got a facial, and professional make-up and then a professional photographer to make everyone feel even more special.

She really amazes me with her positive attitude and also willing to share a funny story. Most scrapbooking nights she has me in stitches with laughter. It was great it get all girlie-up. It has certain been a while since I have done that. My hair got done at the hairdresser, nice and straight. I really quite like it that way but it took 45 mins to do - so I wont be doing that at home very often. So this is the end product of what I looked like at the party.

We also got little thank you packs with shower gel,lippie,some perfume and personal little notes. It was a great day and cant wait to scrapbook this one.

Fire in Bridgetown

As many of you have heard that there has been a huge fire in Bridgetown over the last few days. There was smoke everywhere and it was pretty scary and we weren;t even that close to it. I think it started in Greenbushes and headed down towards Bridgetown. It got pretty close to the town. Glen got called out to help his parents place. They had the cars packed and most of the animal (par two who refused to get caught) in the trailer across the road ready to go. Apparently the fire fire jumped the highway and was in their neighbours yards. I had the car packed with clothes and photos just in case. I think I am going to have to write a list of things to take because when this is all happening you dont think very well. Packing and trying the entertain the kids is not easy when you are very distracted.

But on a happier note we have two extras at the moment. 2 male cows. They were roaming around and were up with the alpacas so we have them in one of the paddocks. So not many people can say they have had cows sleeping over for the weekend. lol With the fire going on we will get hold of the ranger on monday to find the right homes for them.

I told a girlfriend about the cows she said great one for me and one for you (to put in the freezer) Mum saids I need to get some friends who are not farmers and that meat comes from coles. You are a shocker sometimes mum. lol
And here is one of them. Mooo. They are really quite friendly and not very big. Hopefully their owners will get them back soon.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christian Hair cut

Today we decided to shave Christian hair off. It was longer then Tamika and looked like it had some creepy crawleys in. I started to cut and then Glen got the clippers out. So here goes.

Before Haircut.

After haircut - He is so cute. I think it look better short then long but I couldn't bring myself to cut of his curls but now we have.

Little Miss Caitlin had to get in on the act as well. She is so excited with her new haircut that she saids 'Me and Christian look like Cody" (her cousin).

And yes Caitlin wanted her hair cut. Nana and Glen were there as well. Before it happen she moved a chair from the kitchen to where the clippers were and she was running around the table. She was so excited. Saved us money on a haircut for school. lol

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am special.

I was having one of THOSE weeks - you know the ones where nothing is going the way it should go. I have been feeling a bit sad this week for a number of reasons this week. Tuesday night scrapbooking was cancelled :(,my marshmallow ice cream didn't work :( and a few other more serious but I wont bore you with those ones.

On friday I went scrapbooking and I was still a bit down. After chatting with 'the girls'I felt heaps better, when I stood up to go I had an embellishment stuck to my t-shirt and it said "SPECIAL" I had to laugh because all week I had been feeling sad and with this one thing stuck to my t-shirt made me feel better because I am special.

Special to the kids, Glen and all many fantastic friends who listen and show they care. So to everyone who reads this I hope that you realise that you are special to many people. To my good friends you are extra special to me and I am glad to have friends who care and think that I am special.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Pencil Rolls

These are the pencil rolls I made. Just showing a picture because I couldn't before. They were Christmas presents. They were so easy to make - Here is the link if you.

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas to everyone. We had a quiet one again this year. The kids played with there new toys all day. We had brought the wii as a family present this year and Glen spent most of the day on. Tamika is getting really good at bowling on the wii. Have some great action shots. The wii sports also have a fitness test on it. Our results Glen 52 years and me 58years - will have to practice to get better I think LOL .

Nana, pop and uncle Steve came over for a swim and a light dinner. The rest of the Arnott family is came down on the 27th. I was a very good girl this year and Santa got me heaps of scrapbooking stuff - including a tag maker from Creative memories. Love it seem to be using a lot of tags in my layouts at the moment. Great for using up your scraps for gift cards. Glen got a pancake maker and now he makes his own pancakes - yippee.

The girls got heaps of bits and pieces from santa in their stockings. Tamika got a my little pony dress up centre and Caitlin got a box of little pet shop. Christian got a talk story beat but we didn't have any batteries. He was so excited when he pulled it out of the box - eyes wide open and saying "teddy bear, teddy bear" it was so cute. The bear is quite heavy for a toy.

We had a very relaxing Christmas this year. We did nothing but the house was quite tidy. (Why cant that happen all year round.) Hope everyone had a relaxing and happy Christmas.