Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christian Hair cut

Today we decided to shave Christian hair off. It was longer then Tamika and looked like it had some creepy crawleys in. I started to cut and then Glen got the clippers out. So here goes.

Before Haircut.

After haircut - He is so cute. I think it look better short then long but I couldn't bring myself to cut of his curls but now we have.

Little Miss Caitlin had to get in on the act as well. She is so excited with her new haircut that she saids 'Me and Christian look like Cody" (her cousin).

And yes Caitlin wanted her hair cut. Nana and Glen were there as well. Before it happen she moved a chair from the kitchen to where the clippers were and she was running around the table. She was so excited. Saved us money on a haircut for school. lol

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