Sunday, January 18, 2009

Girls Pamper Day

The party had finally arrived. A friend of mine was having a thank you party for all of her girlfriends. Chloe had done so much work and the day was fantastic. Everyone who came got a facial, and professional make-up and then a professional photographer to make everyone feel even more special.

She really amazes me with her positive attitude and also willing to share a funny story. Most scrapbooking nights she has me in stitches with laughter. It was great it get all girlie-up. It has certain been a while since I have done that. My hair got done at the hairdresser, nice and straight. I really quite like it that way but it took 45 mins to do - so I wont be doing that at home very often. So this is the end product of what I looked like at the party.

We also got little thank you packs with shower gel,lippie,some perfume and personal little notes. It was a great day and cant wait to scrapbook this one.

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medividedbythree said...

lovely photo tab, you look gorgeous
xx Sam