Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am special.

I was having one of THOSE weeks - you know the ones where nothing is going the way it should go. I have been feeling a bit sad this week for a number of reasons this week. Tuesday night scrapbooking was cancelled :(,my marshmallow ice cream didn't work :( and a few other more serious but I wont bore you with those ones.

On friday I went scrapbooking and I was still a bit down. After chatting with 'the girls'I felt heaps better, when I stood up to go I had an embellishment stuck to my t-shirt and it said "SPECIAL" I had to laugh because all week I had been feeling sad and with this one thing stuck to my t-shirt made me feel better because I am special.

Special to the kids, Glen and all many fantastic friends who listen and show they care. So to everyone who reads this I hope that you realise that you are special to many people. To my good friends you are extra special to me and I am glad to have friends who care and think that I am special.

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