Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kids Club Fun

We all had heaps of fun at the kids club this week.  It was awesome.  The kids had a great time learning about "The World that God made".  There was a great group putting the decorations together. So of the globe around the door and people around the top of that.  I made the people with the Cricut cartridge Everyday paper dolls and paper doll dress up. 

Picture not very good but the globe and people look fantastic.  The spaceman flying around up there and the boy swimming at Coral Bay.

I have put some close ups below.  I had such a great time making these and me being me I went over board, adding bits and pieces.  Praise God.


There were painted back drops, animals cut outs, and heaps of stars.  Everyone worked together and things looked amazing.

My cricut has never had such a workout.  It has now been shelved for a well deserved rest. Its time to work out my sewing machine.....

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Another Birthday Party

Well now we have another party Caitlin 9th birthday and the theme: Mad Hatters Tea Party.
I had heaps of fun decorating for this one.  Pinterest was a huge inspiration for different ideas. 

Keys that we used for Pass the Crazy Hat.  Instead of pulling out a present they got a key. On the back of the key was a sticker and that is now they got their price. The keys then went into the lollies bags for a bookmark.
Cutlery Hat Holders

My Card Soldiers.  I used Jumbo Deck of cards to make these. The cutouts I got of my Cricut Cartridge: Disney Classic.  This  cartridge is what I used for all the Alice in wonderland cutouts.
My masterpiece.    This turned out better then I thought.  I love the cards that are painting the '9' blue and happy birthday in red.  Most of them are using the Cricut vinyl.  Vinyl is so easy to work with love it.
The painting soldier.  Straight from the classic Disney cartridge.

Craft Camp

I went on my first craft camp and it was the best thing ever.  Great company. Great ideas.  There were about 10 from the craft  group that I go to, went  it was great.  You really get to know people when kids, husbands, cooking and cleaning aren't something you have to worry about.  I finished Caitlin Quilt and some of her party decorations. There were scrapbookers, lots of quilters, and some crochet. IT WAS AWESOME.  I cant make the next one because its on fathers day but the one after that I am there.

Some happy snaps.
 Caitlin completed quilt for her birthday.
Fellow crafts.  Eating and concentrated.
I didn't make that hat. Stacie did for her partner for fishing.  I love it.  With bright colours  I might have to make one for myself.
A great time had by all.  Cant wait till I can go to the next one.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dr Seuss Party

Our sons Dr Seuss party was a huge success.  Everyone had an awesome time and all the decorate went into Christians bedroom.   He loved his quilt but I will have to say the best present was from Caitlin. She got him some googly glasses.  He loved them.

Our version of Cat in the Hat

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dr Seuss Crazy

My son 7th birthday is coming up the end of May and the theme is Dr Seuss.  It is going to be awesome.  Red and white stripes everywhere. 

I seem to be going a little crazy with decorations.  Gotta Love Dr Seuss.  I have 10 apples on top, cat in the hat (of Course) , Lorax truffula trees.   I think I am a little more exciting then my son.  lol

It is going to be epic.    I am making a quilt for him and finally I have finished it.


My husband picked up this odd shaped computer desk for my craft/sewing for only $20.  I can honestly say I had no idea where to put it but we managed to fit it in.

 It is great.  I have all my sewing and scrapbooking all together. Since is was a  computer desk it has the part under the desk (where the keyboard would usually go) has my cricut mats and my quilting mat, a place to sort my laptop and a still room for a little basket for bits.  I love it.



   Having the iron set up right next to the machine was so handy.  I just had to turn my chair.  Here is the finished product of my cricut cover.  Very happy with it. 

Thanks Glen for all the extra bits you did to the desk to make it exactly the way I wanted.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

At Die Cuttin Divas they are having a challenge of using recycled material.  I think that this is classed at recycled.  The recycled material is actually the  drawers. We got them from an op shop for $5. Bargain.    A new paint job and then decorate.

I used the TinkerBell cricut cartridge and vinyl from my stash. All five tinkerbell fairies are no the drawers.   I had so much fun doing this.  Caitlin loves it.

This is my favourite part.  I love these mushrooms. 

So go and check out the other fantastic work with recycled materials at Die Cuttin Divas.
Wow  I had so forgotten about my blog.  Time to update and get creative. It feels good to be able to get back to crafty everything seemed to get lost for a while.  So welcome back.   Have some awesome projects to show you all. 


This is my most recent masterpiece. It is so awesome.   I did up a new rules poster. I wanted something different, bright, and fun to look at.  So out came the cricut and boy did she get a huge workout. lol   Some of my favourite bits.  (Especially the no bed hopping)

Finished product.  I just love it and so does the family.  Our oldest wanted the minion bees.  So cute.

(Sorry not the best photo.)