Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kids Club Fun

We all had heaps of fun at the kids club this week.  It was awesome.  The kids had a great time learning about "The World that God made".  There was a great group putting the decorations together. So of the globe around the door and people around the top of that.  I made the people with the Cricut cartridge Everyday paper dolls and paper doll dress up. 

Picture not very good but the globe and people look fantastic.  The spaceman flying around up there and the boy swimming at Coral Bay.

I have put some close ups below.  I had such a great time making these and me being me I went over board, adding bits and pieces.  Praise God.


There were painted back drops, animals cut outs, and heaps of stars.  Everyone worked together and things looked amazing.

My cricut has never had such a workout.  It has now been shelved for a well deserved rest. Its time to work out my sewing machine.....

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