Saturday, July 5, 2014

Craft Camp

I went on my first craft camp and it was the best thing ever.  Great company. Great ideas.  There were about 10 from the craft  group that I go to, went  it was great.  You really get to know people when kids, husbands, cooking and cleaning aren't something you have to worry about.  I finished Caitlin Quilt and some of her party decorations. There were scrapbookers, lots of quilters, and some crochet. IT WAS AWESOME.  I cant make the next one because its on fathers day but the one after that I am there.

Some happy snaps.
 Caitlin completed quilt for her birthday.
Fellow crafts.  Eating and concentrated.
I didn't make that hat. Stacie did for her partner for fishing.  I love it.  With bright colours  I might have to make one for myself.
A great time had by all.  Cant wait till I can go to the next one.

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