Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fantastic News......

Check out my new button  - Top left hand side.   Pretty Awesome.

I have won the top 3 chefs for the card I made for my mum. (click here to see my winning card)
Had to call and let mum know too.  She is just as excited as I am.  lol

Thanks Cooking with Cricut.  Congratulations Everyone.

Cricut Cardz Challenge #59

This is my entry for the Cricut Cardz Challenge #59. I have used Lotso from the Toy Story Cartridge that I got for christmas.

I kindy glitz -ed the hearts.  I love that stuff.

 It is a great cartridge heaps of ideas for birthday parties.  has got me thinking about it for my sons birthday after seeing woody on a blog hop that I did.  The blog had woody as a pin the tail on the donkey thing instead it was pin the badge on woody.   So go and check it out at Crazy about Cricut.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Disneyland Album Here I come

Last year we went on a trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Anahiem,  it was awesome.  As you can imagine we had loads and loads and loads of photos.  With three camera's on the go it was going to happen.  lol  I was saving the album for a scrap retreat in a few weeks but I have had to cancel.  So sad  :(  but on a plus side I get to start the album now instead of waiting and I dont have to cart all my stuff anywhere.

I got the Mickey and friends Cartridge just before Christmas and I love it.  I used it earlier to make a card for my in laws.  (click here if you want to have a look).  So that's where mickey came from and many other characters you will see as the album continues.

Kindy Glitz Mickey pants because I can.  lol

Another good thing of many on this cartridge are the different borders.  I fused Mickeys gloves together to go around the photos.   Love it.  The font I used was from Robots.  It is very similar to the Mickey Mouse font (which I dont have) so I am using that instead.  I know this page looks a little busy but it is just what our holiday was - very busy.

Stay tuned for more pages............

Thanks for looking and please feel free to become a follower.

Another Fridge masterpiece.

I was given another one of those little tin fridges from a friend (thanks Chloe) and decided to use it to hold all my clear stamps.  I realise the importance of stamps when I was making mums card.  I cant seem to get the cricut to do small things without the paper ripping and thats when I realised I need stamps, rub ons or stickers.  I honestly thought that once I had the cricut I wouldn't need any of that stuff but you still do.  Yes I know it took me a while but better late then never I suppose. lol

Here is the little tin fridge.  My other one was red so I couldn't use the same paper again.

So off hunting I went to find some paper.  My patterned paper is running a little low because I have challenged myself to use what I have instead of buying.  I found this paper.  It is double sided (love double sided paper) and it is by My little shoe box.  It matched prefectly.

The lets play is from toy story Cart and the gold are a couple of the stamps that I have already.

I love this paper. So bright and colourful.  I got this when I was in San Diego last year and of course I only ever buy 1 piece and I always need 2.  Stickles the name and added a few rub ons.  I tried to keep this one simple because  I just love the paper.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Skittles and Scrapbooks has had makeover.  To celebrate Liz is giving away lots of blog candy.  So go over and have a look at her fantastic ideas and giveaways.

Cooking with cricut flower challenge

I have decided to enter into the challenge  with Cooking with Cricut.  In this challenge you have to use three flowers.  So this is what I made.

I pulled out my gypsy and had a search for flowers.  Found the roses on Indie Art and I stickles them up.  and added the bow.  I made this for mum, who is in hospital at the moment. Red roses because red is her favourite colour.

Hope you get better soon Mum.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Storage Container

My hubby got one of those tin fridge like for Christmas.  Once the fudge was gone,  I got the tin and turned it into storage for my glitters and distressing inks.

I have used Kaisercraft paper (not  sure of the collection), small flowers, little silver and pink rhinestone flowers and the rub ons. I distressed some words and glittered the others.  Gotta love that stickles and kindy Glitz.  So easy to use.

I have also used a few different cartridges. Plantin Schoolbook for 'distressing inks', Zooballoo for 'Stickles', Gyspy wanderings for vine on the top.

I will admit I wasn't sure now this was going to work out but I am really happy with the result.  My first decorate tin.  Woo Hoo.

Earlier Work

I wanted to show some of my earlier work without the cricut.    These are from my album because like most mums we are often behind the camera.  We sorted that problem out by getting hubby a camera too.

I got this idea from one of my many magazine - couldn't tell you which one it was ages ago. lol  100 things I love.  Can you name 100 things?

This next layout is very simple and easy.  It has a lot of journalling.  I used it for 2007 - the year I turn 30.  A lot happened that year and I really wanted to remember them.

I have inked some of the highlights during the year to make it more inviting to read because of the amount of journalling. (sometimes you need to be in the mood for that much reading.  lol)

Simple but effective layout.  Give it a go.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cricut Cardz Challenge #57

Since I have been blogging I have watched from afar all the entries for scrapbooking competitions so I decided to try my luck at one.  It's all about getting interesting ideas for different pages and cards.  So here goes.

At Cricut Cardz Challenge #57 there is a challenge to make a card using black,white, and red only.  I  just had to do  Mickey Mouse. 

I have used the  Mickey and  Friends cartridge and some good old fashioned rub-ons.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Disney Dreamer.

  Go and check out Disney Dreamer, and become a follower.  Another fantastic site and great giveway.

Has some great ideas for our Disneyland trip.

The Cricut Bug

Cricut Bug is a great blog to follow!
She has some great ideas. It is worth having a look and if you become a follower you can even win a cartridge! Check it out.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Scrap Space

I have had many scrap spaces over years and I have been lucky enough to have whole rooms all to myself. In this house it is a little different.
It has been in the office ( which then moved and became another bedroom,) Then there was the back room which became a spare room for when people come down to stay. It must have been in nearly every room in this house and now it is finally contained to one nursery style cupboard in the dining room.
Like most dining room very rarely gets used so I have claimed it.  This is the cupboard just waiting for me to unlease the vinyl on it.  I also have a little trolley which is the home for my cricut and other bits that dont fit in the cupboard.

Now what to do with this.  It is sort of organising but need some major fine tuning.  I need to get Chloe over from Chloe and her two clip on koalas  to help since she is brillant at this sort of stuff.

I have even had my hubby helping out with organising my bazzill.  You know when you get that colour that could go orange or yellow.  He walks past I hold up the sheet of paper and ask "what colour:?"  whatever he saids that where it goes.  Simple people these men are sometimes and you gotta love them for that.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The world of Vinyl.

Ok I am totally hooked on the OMC Vinyl. I have been making things for the last two days and I am sure Dh is getting sick of the 'chirp chirp' but hey. One of the cartridges I got for Christmas for the Disney/Pixar Cars.  When we were in Disneyland Christian and Glen made Mater together.  So this has become Christian (31/2yrs) favourite for the moment so I vinyl-ed this one to put on his door.

Isn't it just so cute.

Then of course Tamika and Caitlin wanted one also sMichelle (BFF) let me have a play with her Tinkerbell and Friends Cartridge and it is so cute. I made some fairies for the girls bedroom door only two more to go but everyone knows fairies only come to clean rooms. Maybe this might help keep their room tidy.  hahaha - wishing thinking on my part but faires are very magical.

I also notice that there is, what they call Filigree,  these are so beautiful.  So I cut some out for me, with no where to put I have now decided to cricut my scrapbooking cupboard. 

Here is the start of a huge project.  The moral of this is please come around for coffee but don't stay too long all you find that you have been cricuted and vinyl-ed.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scrappin Divas

There are a group of ladies that scrapbook on a tuesday night and we have adopted the name Scrappin Divas. Most of the ladies have mugs, pillows, t-shirts and thermo mugs. I am new to getting all of this stuff and it looks like the group has folded but I am keeping the name. Everyone got a pillow to sit on for scrap retreats and this is mine. It's first use will be on the 18th Feb 2011 for me first ever retreat. I cant wait.

The reason I bring thiss up is because she has introduced to the world of vinyl. Oh my goodness. This stuff is awesome and I am hooked. For my first try I decided to decorate my cricut for the retreat. Using my gypsy I got for Christmas I welded the letters from Opposite Attract Cartridge for the lettering. For the crown I used Gypsy Wandering. Here is the end product.

This stuff is awesome and I am going to have heaps of fun with the vinyl. Got the vinyl from Oh my Crafts website. Need to get some big 12x24 sheets to do Buzz and Woody for Christian room. He will love it.

Time to start scrapbooking the house. I am sure hubby is going to love it. lol Just in case you haven't noticed - PINK is back in.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy new year.

I would like to wish everyone a happy and fantastic new year.

One last Christmas card for 2010. I made this on behalf of the whole family for my in-laws. They shouted us all to Disneyland in 2010. The whole family signed it as a thank you.

I used the mickey mouse cartridge and Christmas Cheer. It has all the characters and you can even do a little of Toon town. This one also introducte me to Kindy glitz. If you have tried it then you must because that stuff is awesome. And it lasts for ever.