Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Fridge masterpiece.

I was given another one of those little tin fridges from a friend (thanks Chloe) and decided to use it to hold all my clear stamps.  I realise the importance of stamps when I was making mums card.  I cant seem to get the cricut to do small things without the paper ripping and thats when I realised I need stamps, rub ons or stickers.  I honestly thought that once I had the cricut I wouldn't need any of that stuff but you still do.  Yes I know it took me a while but better late then never I suppose. lol

Here is the little tin fridge.  My other one was red so I couldn't use the same paper again.

So off hunting I went to find some paper.  My patterned paper is running a little low because I have challenged myself to use what I have instead of buying.  I found this paper.  It is double sided (love double sided paper) and it is by My little shoe box.  It matched prefectly.

The lets play is from toy story Cart and the gold are a couple of the stamps that I have already.

I love this paper. So bright and colourful.  I got this when I was in San Diego last year and of course I only ever buy 1 piece and I always need 2.  Stickles the name and added a few rub ons.  I tried to keep this one simple because  I just love the paper.

Thanks for looking.


Carlene said...

OMGoodness I cant believe such a hideous lil fridge could end up looking sooooooooooo fab!!!

Great Job!!!!

Country Bumpkins Scrapper said...

Thanks Carlene. Really happy with it. and in case you can't tell. Love the paper. lol

Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

That looks awesome! Jacob won't be sad at all that he lost his fridge! Good work!

Tracey said...

I have the same tin......your creation saved mine from the bin. Looks great!