Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Scrap Space

I have had many scrap spaces over years and I have been lucky enough to have whole rooms all to myself. In this house it is a little different.
It has been in the office ( which then moved and became another bedroom,) Then there was the back room which became a spare room for when people come down to stay. It must have been in nearly every room in this house and now it is finally contained to one nursery style cupboard in the dining room.
Like most dining room very rarely gets used so I have claimed it.  This is the cupboard just waiting for me to unlease the vinyl on it.  I also have a little trolley which is the home for my cricut and other bits that dont fit in the cupboard.

Now what to do with this.  It is sort of organising but need some major fine tuning.  I need to get Chloe over from Chloe and her two clip on koalas  to help since she is brillant at this sort of stuff.

I have even had my hubby helping out with organising my bazzill.  You know when you get that colour that could go orange or yellow.  He walks past I hold up the sheet of paper and ask "what colour:?"  whatever he saids that where it goes.  Simple people these men are sometimes and you gotta love them for that.

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Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

oooo looking very organised!!! Love it when a scrap space comes together.