Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scrappin Divas

There are a group of ladies that scrapbook on a tuesday night and we have adopted the name Scrappin Divas. Most of the ladies have mugs, pillows, t-shirts and thermo mugs. I am new to getting all of this stuff and it looks like the group has folded but I am keeping the name. Everyone got a pillow to sit on for scrap retreats and this is mine. It's first use will be on the 18th Feb 2011 for me first ever retreat. I cant wait.

The reason I bring thiss up is because she has introduced to the world of vinyl. Oh my goodness. This stuff is awesome and I am hooked. For my first try I decided to decorate my cricut for the retreat. Using my gypsy I got for Christmas I welded the letters from Opposite Attract Cartridge for the lettering. For the crown I used Gypsy Wandering. Here is the end product.

This stuff is awesome and I am going to have heaps of fun with the vinyl. Got the vinyl from Oh my Crafts website. Need to get some big 12x24 sheets to do Buzz and Woody for Christian room. He will love it.

Time to start scrapbooking the house. I am sure hubby is going to love it. lol Just in case you haven't noticed - PINK is back in.


Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

I'm glad you love your pillow! xx Great job on the cricut! You did a great job of the vinyl! Love it!

Carlene said...

Scrappin Divas is more of an attitude than a group. Anyone can join or leave or disband a group...but what the group stands for lives on in other ways :-)

Love how you have vinyled up your Cricut! Your butt will appreciate that pillow after sitting for hours on end. I sit on mine every day at home and its just about flat! lol

Curt Jensen said...

Nice use of the pink vinyl on your pink Cricut machine. Do you have the pink tool kit to go with it? I love working with vinyl, especially when I weld letters together to make complete words.

Thanks for following my blog and checking out Jacob's recent visit to Cricut. Good luck with the contest, and be sure to check back again next week to see if you won.