Saturday, July 5, 2014

Another Birthday Party

Well now we have another party Caitlin 9th birthday and the theme: Mad Hatters Tea Party.
I had heaps of fun decorating for this one.  Pinterest was a huge inspiration for different ideas. 

Keys that we used for Pass the Crazy Hat.  Instead of pulling out a present they got a key. On the back of the key was a sticker and that is now they got their price. The keys then went into the lollies bags for a bookmark.
Cutlery Hat Holders

My Card Soldiers.  I used Jumbo Deck of cards to make these. The cutouts I got of my Cricut Cartridge: Disney Classic.  This  cartridge is what I used for all the Alice in wonderland cutouts.
My masterpiece.    This turned out better then I thought.  I love the cards that are painting the '9' blue and happy birthday in red.  Most of them are using the Cricut vinyl.  Vinyl is so easy to work with love it.
The painting soldier.  Straight from the classic Disney cartridge.

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monica centeno said...

Did you get the cutouts for the jumbo cards from the cartridge as well? I can't see to figure it out.