Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fire in Bridgetown

As many of you have heard that there has been a huge fire in Bridgetown over the last few days. There was smoke everywhere and it was pretty scary and we weren;t even that close to it. I think it started in Greenbushes and headed down towards Bridgetown. It got pretty close to the town. Glen got called out to help his parents place. They had the cars packed and most of the animal (par two who refused to get caught) in the trailer across the road ready to go. Apparently the fire fire jumped the highway and was in their neighbours yards. I had the car packed with clothes and photos just in case. I think I am going to have to write a list of things to take because when this is all happening you dont think very well. Packing and trying the entertain the kids is not easy when you are very distracted.

But on a happier note we have two extras at the moment. 2 male cows. They were roaming around and were up with the alpacas so we have them in one of the paddocks. So not many people can say they have had cows sleeping over for the weekend. lol With the fire going on we will get hold of the ranger on monday to find the right homes for them.

I told a girlfriend about the cows she said great one for me and one for you (to put in the freezer) Mum saids I need to get some friends who are not farmers and that meat comes from coles. You are a shocker sometimes mum. lol
And here is one of them. Mooo. They are really quite friendly and not very big. Hopefully their owners will get them back soon.

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