Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas to everyone. We had a quiet one again this year. The kids played with there new toys all day. We had brought the wii as a family present this year and Glen spent most of the day on. Tamika is getting really good at bowling on the wii. Have some great action shots. The wii sports also have a fitness test on it. Our results Glen 52 years and me 58years - will have to practice to get better I think LOL .

Nana, pop and uncle Steve came over for a swim and a light dinner. The rest of the Arnott family is came down on the 27th. I was a very good girl this year and Santa got me heaps of scrapbooking stuff - including a tag maker from Creative memories. Love it seem to be using a lot of tags in my layouts at the moment. Great for using up your scraps for gift cards. Glen got a pancake maker and now he makes his own pancakes - yippee.

The girls got heaps of bits and pieces from santa in their stockings. Tamika got a my little pony dress up centre and Caitlin got a box of little pet shop. Christian got a talk story beat but we didn't have any batteries. He was so excited when he pulled it out of the box - eyes wide open and saying "teddy bear, teddy bear" it was so cute. The bear is quite heavy for a toy.

We had a very relaxing Christmas this year. We did nothing but the house was quite tidy. (Why cant that happen all year round.) Hope everyone had a relaxing and happy Christmas.

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