Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lost scrapbooking moments

Tamika had her class play and she sings so loud you can hear her above all the other kids. She loves performing which surprised me because she can be quite shy. She also bought home her report and she did so well. Heaps of outstanding and is really good at maths. Nana gave her $5 for the bank.

I have had a couple of great scrapbooking moments come up the last couple of days but SOMEONE left the camera on (which was me) and I had no spare batteries. Not happy at all.

Tamika had her class party and it was a disco. It was great with flashing disco balls, lights, and heaps of balloons. It was only for an hour but all the kids had a great time and the parents who stayed behind did also. We had to dance with the rest of the kids. They did musical bobs, limbo, YMCA (of course) and let the kids do free dancing. It was fantastic. They handed out the glow sticks and because it was at 6.30pm the teachers blacked out all the windows with garbage bag. No camera.

The other moment was at the Community Christmas Party. Santa come and at 7.30 there is heaps of foam and bubbles that the kids run around in trying to find lolly bag. The girls were having heaps of fun and they got soaked. Christian wasn't to sure about it but was happy to watch. Again no camera but did have a mobile phone so lets just hope I am able to get some photos of that for a scrapbooking page. We might even end up in the paper again. If photos work will post them on.

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