Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Caitlin turns 3

A lot has happened since my last entry. (It has been nearly three months) Caitlin turn 3 and mum gave her a party in a box. She had a great time with the party and watching the new barbie movie 'Maraposa'. (I think)

Caitlin has been enrolled in school for next year. She is so excited. "After Christmas" she keeps saying because that is what we have told her.

Glen got me this great shelf for my scrapbooking room and I have only just sorted out all of my stuff. It is fantastic.

I went to my first "ME TIME" on monday. This is down at the community centre - it cost $10 and this includes creche for three hours. We made notice boards and then made more for home. They are so easy. All you need is a staple gun, material, wood, waddingand ribbon. It takes about 15min to make when you know what you are doing. So dont be surprised if your kids end up with them for Christmas this year. I am planning on making some more for the cottages.
I have also learnt how to make pillowcases but for some reason I cant find my good scissors or my pins. Another big project is recovering a couch for #4. That one might take a while as I need about 12m (at least) of material.

Two big news from us:-
1) Christian is walking. He has been doing that for a few weeks now and never really had the learning to walk thing just got up and went. He is so clever my little man.
2) We now have a linen services - which means no more washing cottage sheets. YIPEE.

Speck again soon.

Cheers Tab

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