Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some great news

There has been some great news in Bridgetown. The new scrapbooking shop has open and I have only been there twice. (Opened last Thursday). It is going to be great. It has a lot of papers, chipboard letters, paints and off the page stuff. Tracy, the owner, has already organised a midnight scrap of the 6th of March. I am going - I bet that was a surprise to everyone. It is great news.

Not much has been happening around here. The cottages are a little quiet but I am sure they will pick up again soon. The girls are settling into school well. Tamika is learning to read and Caitlin has just started going two full days of kindy. Last week mum came down for a visit so we went out to lunch and down to Bunbury when the girls were at school. This week it will be me and Christian- so when he goes for a sleep so will I. Christian has moved into a bed and it is not going to well. I am up most nights ( a couple of times a night - not all night)so that is why sleeping when he does is first on my list.

I got a wooden butterfly from the scrap shop and am decorating it for the scrapbooking room. So we had a photo shot for photo to match the papers. They turn out great.

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