Sunday, September 18, 2011

Party time

Today we had the party but with me being really busy, we only had a couple of friends over  It was going to be at the park but it rained and rained.  So a change of plan was needed.  Since it was at a park I didn't organise any games figureing the kids can just play so when it rained I had nothing planned to entertain the kids coming to the party.  So I grap 5 door hangers out of my supply and covered them.

So these were put on the table with heaps of stuff and told to go for it.  They had a blast.  These are the results.  A bunch of very talented up and coming scrappers.

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Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

Awww thats so cute. You're a good mummy keeping the kids busy with fun stuff. Caitlyn had a stick-on festival!!! Love it.