Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Life is good

I am sure you have all had those weeks where nothing, not a thing is going right. This is my week, washing is piling up because it is raining and I have no dryer. (it died and I didn't replace it because it is suppose to be sunny) So I have a clothes line filled with wet, clean clothes and a laundry filled with dirty ones. ;) Some of the animals got out and had a sleep over at Sunnyhurst Chalets, so I had to pick them up. Cottages to clean which is not happening and a husband coming down with a cold, 2 very tired girls with colds and a little man who appears to be getting teeth so not much sleep is happening.

But with all of these things and many more life is still pretty good. I have a family who loves me, have enough money to buy more milk until payday, and my health -I am not sick like the rest.

A bit sappy I know but my life is pretty good when you really think about it.

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